The last time I gave Christmas cards was when I was in primary school pretending to be a Power Ranger—I was the white one with the talking sword.

The idea for Randalf (Rudolph’s brother) came from fragments of a short story I shelved. He doesn’t have a glowing red nose (presumably radioactive) like his brother, so he wears them sneakers with flashing red lights we all had as kids. At the beginning he was a nameless reindeer who walked on all fours and was kinda grumpy looking. He then evolved into “Chad”, sported Ray-Bans and longed to be as cool as Rudolph. But in the end, I steered him towards something more aloof and silly—a reflection of the good times that lay ahead in the xmas break.

I couldn’t afford to get them printed on nicely textured card. So I had the illustration printed on semi-nice paper, then slotted into blank cards you can pick up from an arts and crafts store.