There was a time when I had a specific style: swirly lines that made up clouds.

I didn’t really have a name for this style, except sometimes I described it as ‘swirly’. I had other motifs that littered my work, mostly swirly-like clouds and bubbles, and notably flowers popping out from said bubbles. Two characters also featured in my works during the time. One was a cap wearing dude with black jeans and no mouth. He eventually evolved into taking his cap off, but was it was also nearing the end of the time in my life so was rarely seen with his head of hair. The other character was a tiny dinosaur, that now when I think about it, kinda resembled the puzzle bobble dinosaur that was popular at the time. The only difference was mine had a horn and a flower growing out of his head. He was regularly seen holding a watering can too.

During this period I went under a street artist name of ‘Phoreal’, or Johnny Phoreal if I wanted to be more formal. Oh how times have changed. I was the most ‘artistically’ active during college. Something I sorely miss.